Car Leasing, Minibus Rentals and Van Hire in Chelmsford, Essex

Newcastle Self Storage friends, Allied Hire, Chelmsford, have made their presence felt with a new article on the partner pages of our website.

Allied Hire, Chelmsford are quick to say they are one of the leading car rental, van hire and minibus leasing companies in Chelmsford, Essex, with an amazing fleet of vehicles at their disposal. They have small run-around city cars to grand tourers, small transits to 7.5T trucks, and a range of MPVs and minibuses capable of carrying a five-a-side team to a whole squad.

They are quite right to point out that short and long term leasing options can make car and van rental more cost effective that buying a car, van or minibus. This is especially true for businesses whose work is seasonal or who take on staff for short term contract work. In fact the economics of car leasing make sense for many people who don’t need to run their own vehicle every single day of year. After all, Allied Hire, Chelmsford, take care of the insurance, servicing, road tax and repairs. The only thing car rental customers have to worry about is the fixed leasing cost and fuel.

Allied Hire also mention that Chelmsford, Essex, is the gateway to Europe. In a way, they are right. Chelmsford is ideally placed for the car ferries at Harwich, Felixstowe and Dover and is just down the road from Stansted Airport. It is also handy for hired minibuses travelling to Europe by Euro Tunnel.

Still, at Newcastle Self Storage we felt there was no need for Allied Hire, Chelmsford, to say that they are ideally placed to transport French footballers to Newcastle. After all, where else would French footballers go?

Car Leasing, Minibus Rentals and Van Hire in Chelmsford, Essex

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