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Dust & Fume Extraction & Collection Systems

Newgate AirNewgate Air Systems are pleased that our web promotion partners, Newcastle Self Storage are allowing us to place this information page on their website. Newgate Air Systems, Tyne & Wear, specialise in dust and fume extraction and collection within a wide range of working environments. With over thirty years experience in the field of dust and fume extraction, we operate in welding plants, spray booths, furnaces, casting plants, woodworking plants, joiners workshops, laboratories and motor
vehicle manufacture.

Air quality in the workplace is of the utmost importance to ensure the health of staff
and keep machinery running smoothly. Newgate Air Systems design and install industrial fume and dust systems for a host of applications including air cleaning systems, fume hoods and cupboards, combined fume and oil mist extraction,
heating ventilation and conditioning systems, paint spray booth, exhaust and filtration and woodworking dust extraction and collection. We have extensive experience both
in the UK and abroad, due to our reputation for competency in demanding environments

Air Quality Measuring Systems to Reach Health & Safety Standards

State of the art air quality measuring systems which comply with government health and safety regulations, can save money due to highly accurate readings. Our team of skilled technicians undergo continuous training, ensuring a finger on the pulse awareness of new products, processes and hazards. A professional service is given by Newgate Air Systems who are registered with the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme [CHAS]. All fume and dust extraction installation projects undertaken by us are subject to method statements and risk assessments.

Newgate Air Systems operate in a number of non industrial settings, such as electronics companies where we provide fume extraction for production areas and clean room ventilation. We also install ventilation and extraction systems and air conditioning for IT organisations.

Installation of General & Background Ventilation for Optimum Air Change Rate

Newgate AirNewgate Air Systems are equipped to deal with a wide variety of clean air issues in addition to fumes, such as steam and oil mist. We are often asked to install general
or background ventilation where production is in progress, delivering an optimum air change rate and creating a clean atmosphere.

We offer production process extraction either at point of source or direct to facility, removing fumes within areas such as printing. Our services cover fume extraction produced by soldering and welding processes or spray booth extraction and ventilation, for instance as in large scale motor vehicle manufacture. These often specify the use of flexible extraction arms for specific weld benches. We deal with
forge and furnace fume and dust extraction, laboratory and machining facilities.

Dust & Waste Extraction for Large or Small Scale Wood Working Machinery

Dust and waste created by wood working machinery, whether in a small concern such as a joiners shop, or larger scale production plant or sawmill needs safe, tidy removal. Choices include central extraction systems to bespoke collection / filtration units and cyclones. Dust can be produced in hazardous quantities from chemicals, pharmaceuticals, ink powders, shot blasting and cement.

Forge activities prompting the need for removal of waste material and lubrication residue, resulting in clean air.

A successful air extraction system to limit damaging exposure to harmful or irritant materials, and to assist towards greater quality control. As specialists in our field we love a challenge and recently completed a contract involving installation of a whole range of extraction systems for a multi-process plant. Newgate Air Systems are proud of our reputation for competency, great customer service and competitive prices.

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