Self Storage Units & Containers at Blaydon, Killingworth & Coast, Tyne & Wear

Self storage units and containers are used in the UK for keeping a multitude of items safely and conveniently stored until needed. There are any number of reasons why extra storage might be required, sometimes at a moments notice. When you are in the process of moving home, and are perhaps in a property chain, there may be a need to move out of your previous home before your new home is ready. This can leave many with a big headache, with nowhere safe to temporarily store their possessions including furniture and electrical equipment. These dilemmas can lead to added stress, but a self storage unit from Newcastle Self Storage will put all of those worries to bed. Oh yes, you can store your beds too!

The same quandary may arise when transferring between business premises, or in the case of a home or office refurbishment or redecoration. Covering everything with sheets, and trying to negotiate ladders amongst tables and chairs can be a nightmare. However taking a few hours to place the contents in a storage container first, will leave you to get the job done with time to spare.

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Due to highly affordable prices, self storage is often chosen as a long term option these days, especially as recent trends in the UK indicate a general downsizing amongst homeowners. We all have belongings that we don’t need at the moment but are reluctant to dispose of, including family heirlooms, items with sentimental value and things that are just too good to throw away.

That brand new dinner set that was a gift, which we are keeping until we are finished with the old one, the much loved suite we replaced but have not yet sold, or that handy box of fancy dress costumes accumulated over the years that are bound to be needed again and again. The list is endless and you will be surprised by how quickly the weight lifts off your shoulders, once you have freed up your living space.

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Temporary storage provides a great solution for specific purposes like safe storage of Christmas presents out of the way of prying eyes or excited little fingers. This is a good way to guarantee that there is genuine surprise during the Christmas morning gift opening. Also an ideal way of storing Xmas trees, decorations, lights and those big outdoor illuminated ornaments like snowmen, reindeer or Santa on his sleigh. Lots of people are forced to use their loft for this kind of storage, and dread the rigmarole of climbing ladders while carrying heavy trees, lights and boxes of decorations. It is inadvisable to keep your loft stacked full of these types of items too as they can present a fire risk.

However welcome the Christmas season is, we are usually all glad to get back to normal, with wrapping paper recycled, trees and ornaments boxed up, lights dismantled and glitter, tinsel and pine needles hoovered up. In one of our self storage units, your festive decorations and other items will stay clean and dust free until they are needed.

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At Newcastle Self Storage we want to give you the very best self storage experience possible, and pride ourselves on being able to provide the perfect size storage for your needs, along with clean units, containers and lock ups, high security, flexible hire terms, 24/7 access, low hire rates, mini depots and office space. Our self storage solutions are conveniently located in three locations around Newcastle at Blaydon, Killingworth and Coast.