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Hot Water Storage Cylinders

Stored hot water is the most popular and effective water heating system for larger homes. It is also very popular for commercial premises, such as pubs and hotels, where high water flow rates and a constant supply of hot water are needed. Using a modern well-insulated hot water storage cylinder will mean that virtually no heat is wasted from the stored hot water. Also, the use of modern, high power ‘fast-recovery’ heating coils help to replenish the supply of hot water very quickly as it is used.

Types of Hot Water Storage Cylinder

Vented (Tank-Fed) Water Storage Cylinders

Vented water storage cylinders are supplied from a tank that is usually located in the roof space above the cylinder. This tank replenishes the water as it is drawn off through the hot water taps and takes up the expansion of the water as it is heated up.

Vented hot water storage cylinders are favoured for premises having traditional plumbing systems, for power showers, or if the incoming water supply pressure is low.

Un-Vented (Mains Pressure) Water Storage Cylinders

Un-vented, or mains pressure cylinders are fed directly from the incoming cold water main supply. A cold feed tank is not required but an expansion vessel is normally used to absorb the expansion as water heats up.

Most modern un-vented water storage cylinders are made of high-grade stainless steel and carry a 25 year guarantee. These storage cylinders have excellent insulation and can deliver high water flow rates, ideal for houses with several bath / shower rooms.

The high pressure delivered from un-vented cylinders is very useful for the supply of water to showers. They give a performance similar to that of the popular ‘Power Shower’, without the requirement for a separate pump.

Good water flow and pressure are essential to feed an un-vented cylinder, as it fills directly from the mains water supply.

Twin-Coil Hot Water Storage Cylinders

Twin-coil cylinders heated from two different sources. These could be for example a boiler and also solar panels. Twin coil hot water storage cylinders are available as vented or un-vented specification.

Self-Contained Storage Water Heaters

Self-contained storage water heaters can be gas or oil heated. The action is similar to a conventional cylinder with an integrated gas or oil burner. Self-contained Storage water heaters draw water from the cold water main, or from a storage tank. This water heating system is more popular with larger homes and commercial premises.

Central Heating Systems – Efficiency Controls

Many people are now having increasingly complex controls applied to their heating systems to save on cost and improve their carbon footprint. However, is important that these controls are appropriate for the heating system and that user understands them.

Fitting some basic heating controls will benefit most central heating systems, making your house more comfortable and reducing heating costs. Here are some heating system control options to consider:

Heating Programmers

A time control can be fitted to any heating system. These can vary from a simple rotating mechanical time clock to multi-channel programmers.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

These valves should be fitted to the principle rooms in the house and will enabling heat control in each room, separately.

Room Thermostat

Thermostats act as an overall control for the heating system. This avoids the boiler striving to heat the house once it is thoroughly warmed up. Programmable Room Thermostats are versatile and with combination boilers they give you control of both heating time and temperature from one unit.

Hot Water Thermostat

This should be fitted to a hot water cylinder or tank to control the water temperature and save energy by only allowing the boiler to fire up only when it is really needed. A well insulated hot water cylinder will save energy and should keep the water hot for days if the water is not being drawn off.