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NSSFunctioning to your best ability in a work environment can depend a lot on how happy you are in that space. There are an unlimited amount of ways to customise your office or workspace, ultimately helping to encourage and stimulate new and creative thought processes. Work surroundings which are drab and uncomfortable can stifle creativity.

There is a reason that many offices and waiting areas have additions such as fish tanks, decorative lighting and paintings. A pleasant backdrop is one of the keys to a highly productive and successful workday, as many business have discovered.

Innovative new space transforming designs often emerge and become the latest ‘must have’, such as the ‘Milk Desk’, created to compliment your Apple products, with its white profile and curved edges. Sleek and tidy with hidden cable storage, it electronically rises and lowers at will. Clever and neat compartments are adaptable for storage of items, waste or even a relaxing aquarium. A fantastic way to customise your work area is with a ‘Softwall’ partition, These versatile, manipulable walls are constructed from paper and felt, and can be bent in any way providing extra interestingly shaped spaces. Unusual chairs crafted with comfort in mind come in a huge variety of shapes such as the saddle chair, which allows you to sit in many positions, or bean bags that mould to your body. The Stokke Garden chair is a strange sculptural tree like seat, which looks as good as it is comfortable, making it possible to sit or recline in lots of different ways while being fully supported.

Some companies go all out to create the perfect creative environment, such as Pixar, who’s offices consist of separate little wooden huts and are dotted with strategically placed colourful characters. Google employees have it made with work offices full of hammocks, slides between floors and massage parlours!

A work space can be anything you want it to be and when you hire workspace or industrial storage space units from Newcastle Self Storage, you can afford the little extras that make it your own. Workspace and office units at Killingworth and Blayden Newcastle, start from an incredible £19 per week, with flexible terms and state of the art security. We can advise you on the ideal size for your requirements and help you choose from our attractive range of smart, clean and dry units.

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