The Rise of Self Storage

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Self storage has never been so popular in the UK and globally, although a recent survey found that four times more self storage space is rented in the UK than in France, and nine times more than in Germany. Britain is home to almost half of all of Europe’s self storage units, and demand continues to exceed supply! There are a vast amount of reasons for this phenomenal rise in self storage hire including:-

Lifestyle Changes – This is a biggie, more so these days, as there is much more movement within families, plus grown up children move out to start homes of their own, or elderly relatives move in. Many home owners decide to downsize too, reducing their outgoings and often dispensing with a mortgage, and enjoying their available money.

De-cluttering – New properties tend to be smaller and more compact, which can be a bit tricky if you have lots of superfluous belongings. This is one of the reasons that self storage is such a big deal, as they can hold all of the things you need to keep. Sentimental items and heirlooms are virtually impossible to throw, so they can be packed away safe until wanted, along with seasonal clothing, Christmas decorations etc.

Need for More Space – Some people have a hobby which involves lots of materials etc, that would get in the way of everyday living in the home. Then there are those who run an ebay shop or similar, needing storage for stock, packaging and paperwork.

Storage When Moving – Life being what it is, processes which should be straight forward are prone to snags and issues. When moving house, people sometimes suddenly find they have a need for temporary storage. A handy affordable storage facility is just what’s needed to relieve a stressful situation.

Travelling after College – Finishing college is the ideal time to travel and stretch your wings, or you could opt for taking a year out. Leave your belongings in a handy lock up while you’re away and enjoy your freedom.

If you’re interested in starting your own self storage facility, Newcastle Self Storage can help with a package of agency opportunities tailored to your needs.

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