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A recent article in The Guardian stated that around one third of people in the UK collect something, whether or not they originally intended to or it just sort of happened! People become collectors for a variety of reasons including financial and sentimental. Many collect items that have associations from their childhood bringing strong feelings of nostalgia. Some admire the style and feel of a particular era and may collect all aspects of that time such as clothes and jewellery, and others seek to make an investment.

The excitement of finding certain rare or unique objects is also a motivation for collecting. Visiting auctions, second hand shops and even car boot sales can sometimes uncover surprising things to add to a collection. Popular collections include comic books, dolls and even stamps which are still sought after. Certain versions of items or publications are always wanted, such as the Marvel ‘New Mutants #98’ issue. This is due to the fact that the character Deadpool first appears. There are lists on the internet for collectors to reference which items to focus on and the most desirable finds.

Dolls and toys are a major draw for collectors, and there are several categories ranging from vintage to newer rarities. Things that are still boxed, or have minimal use and handling are the most desirable, especially as toys etc have usually been played with. A rare German Kämmer & Reinhardt character doll was recently sold by Bonhams for £242,500. There have even been antique doll themed postage stamps, which brings us to another favourite of collectors, stamps! There are lots of stamp collectors, who derive immeasurable pleasure from this hobby. There are a vast amount of designs and themes to collect covering birds, famous people, sports, plants, in fact just about any subject you can think of.

Whatever the collection consists of, it can begin to take over, and any spare space in the home is quickly filled. This can be a little inconvenient and may be annoying to others who do not share the enthusiasm for collecting. In order to continue enjoying this activity without it affecting anyone else, lots of collectors have turned to self storage units. You can find high quality storage in many areas such as Silverlink North Shields to store your wonderful acquisitions. You can also hire a unit in order to restore and perhaps sell items you find along the way.

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