Newcastle Self Storage Business Co-Operation in Tyne & Wear

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Newcastle Self Storage have decided to expand support availability in the North East of England. The first ventures into this quite unique model have been a great success resulting in a high level of satisfaction and optimism on all sides.

Self Storage companies usually start by renting some Industrial land in a convenient and accessible location. The advice on location is vital and Newcastle Self Storage have the expertise to ensure that the new companies do not fail at this important first step towards creating their own business. Once the site is operating the new Self Storage operator can gain insight and knowledge about the industry as they develop their company. An actively managed website, expert digital marketing and SEO will benefit the business and enable the storage company to receive web enquiries in their allocated location.

Newcastle Self Storage discovered long ago that running a Self Storage Business requires a lot of manpower. That is, meeting with customers, dealing with their problems, chasing bad debts, dealing with theft, site maintenance and generally running around different locations that are potentially far apart. Manpower costs dearly if you have to employ it. This is of course much less of a concern to the small business operator who is only operating one site, probably near his home and can run a single Self Storage Depot far more efficiently than a National operator who depends upon staff reliability and suffers the inevitable costs.

Newcastle Self Storage therefore draw from a simple business model which is, the co-operation and support of self storage companies without additional costs. Anticipating a high interest in these link up opportunities which are to be made available soon, Newcastle Self Storage expect to make a bulk purchase of shipping containers to take advantage of current UK wholesale stocks which are still available at pre brexit prices until the end of the year, after which the currency exchange rates are likely to kick in resulting in higher prices. The benefit of this Low Cost purchase will of course be passed on to hirers by way of continued Low Cost Container hire Charges.

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