Making Space in Your Home

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Most people [including experts] agree that de-cluttering your home is immensely satisfying and miraculously brings about a sense of wellbeing. Clutter seems to build up by itself sometimes, and once it gets past a certain stage, the thought of tackling it is too much. But don’t despair as there is hope! By being determined, making a mental plan and taking definite steps, the impossible can be achieved. Here are a few hints and tips towards getting your desired outcome:-

  • First Things First
    Leave your half hearted self behind and make a conscious effort to commit to sorting things totally. Tidying is the first step, and has to be accomplished before any attempt at de-cluttering is embarked upon.
  • Use Your Imagination
    You need to form your dream, so picture your home, bedroom, garage or proposed area, post-tidying. This is your goal and main focus, especially when you start to flag and think you need a lie down!
  • Be Brave And Get Rid
    Before you place items in cupboards etc out of sight, take the time to ponder on whether you really want/need them at all. Be ruthless and if you haven’t used something for a very long time, it’s unlikely you ever will. In which case you can either throw it out, give it away or donate it to charity.
  • Categories
    Sort out clothing, books, ornaments etc by category as opposed to doing one room at a time. This is a more organised way of doing things, and you won’t be put off your stride by discovering a whole new load of books when you thought you’d sorted them all.
  • Love It Or Hate It?
    Look at each item and decide whether or not it fills you with joy, if not or you actually can’t stand it, off it goes, no longer to fester in your cupboard!

If there are things you just cannot make up your mind about, why not consider keeping them in a self storage unit? This is a great temporary or even permanent solution, and with specialists like the team here at Newcastle Self Storage you are assured your belongings will be safe and secure.


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