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Construction sites are either hives of activity with builders, tradesmen and machinery or deserted at night, over the weekend or if work is put on hold. The very nature of the work being carried out usually necessitates an array of valuable machinery, tools and equipment. Often the site location in places like Braintree or Brentwood is remote, and not in a built up area, so can attract the wrong sort of attention. Although some modern plant machinery is virtually impossible to start unless using the correct key, theft is still a worry. Then again if an undesirable can’t get a machine going, they may cause damage to it in frustration.

People wanting to break into these heavy duty containers would need some nifty cutting gear, and if they can’t see inside anyway, they are unlikely to bother. Some imaginative hirers have even taken extra precautions such as parking a vehicle in front of container doors overnight, or leaving a pile of bricks outside to block access.

Builder’s container hire is the ideal solution, and one that builders and construction specialists are turning to frequently. Builder’s containers from Rhinos Plant Hire are tough and robust, featuring secure locking systems. They can be sited wherever is convenient, and remain as long as you need them. You can safely store small plant items like diggers, cement mixers, pumps, generators, power tools and access equipment in these handy containers. They are perfect for keeping materials until ready for use, without risk of them degrading in the elements.

Builder’s Lock Up Containers offer a versatile and affordable answer to safe and secure storage of things like scaffolding, plasterboards, electrical equipment and more. Apart from construction companies, Rhinos containers are hired by plumbers, plasterers, electricians, roofers, painter & decorators and glaziers.


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