Newcastle Self Storage welcomes Newgate Air Systems to our Website

Newcastle Self Storage are delighted to welcome web promotional partners Newgate Air Systems to the pages of our website.

Newgate Air Systems have an international reputation for the design, installation and maintenance of fume and dust extraction and collection systems.

Fume & dust extraction is vitally important to maintain air quality, ensuring the health of employees and to keep machinery running efficiently. Newgate Air System clients include furnaces & casting plants, spray booths, welding & construction sites, woodworking & joinery workshops, motor vehicle manufactures and chemical & pharmaceutical laboratories. Newgate Air Systems products include air cleaning systems, fume hoods and cupboards, heating ventilation & air conditioning systems, and exhaust & filtration equipment.

With over 30 years experience in the industry, Newgate Air Systems are often called in to design multi-function systems such as combined fume & oil mist extraction processes

All fume & dust extraction systems comply with Health & Safety requirements and Newgate Air Systems are registered with the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS).

Filtration and extraction systems are designed for both large scale industrial concerns and for small workshop units. Regardless of the size of the facility or the number of employees, effective air systems remove hazardous fumes, combustible & toxic particles and protect people and premises. Newgate Air Systems use the latest technologies including incredibly accurate air quality metres and bespoke filtration units and cyclones.

Newgate Air Systems work closely with business across the UK and in Europe. They tell us they love a challenge.

Further information is available on the partner page at and on the Newgate Air Systems website at

Newcastle Self Storage welcomes Newgate Air Systems