Metal Sheds, Metal Storage Units & Metal Bike Lockers

Newcastle Self Storage friends and marketing partners, SM Garden Sheds, have taken an extra step in promoting their extensive line of metal sheds, metal storage units and metal bike stores.

Along with their wholesale arm, Shed Baron, SM Garden Sheds have created a new website – Metal Sheds On Line – that offers useful information on what to look for when buying a metal shed, bike locker or storage unit.

For example, many people buy metal storage products thinking they are the safer storage option. While this is certainly true for reputable manufacturers such as Asgard, Biohort or Canberra, there are many low budget metal sheds on the market that do not stand up to scrutiny.

It is worth bearing in mind the old rule that if something looks to good to be true then it probably is. ‘Bargain’ metal sheds often use metal sheeting that is so thin it can be cut with a knife. They will be electroplated to give a thin but shiny finish. They do not include integrated security fittings or drill resistant locks.

Metal garden sheds from SM Garden Sheds are made from sturdy alloys. Asgard metal sheds are manufactured from 1.2mm steel and feature drill resistant locks as standard. All metal sheds from SM Garden Sheds and Shed Baron are hot dip galvanised to a give a consistently thick non-corrosive coating that will last beyond the lengthy 10, 15 and 20 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Metal Sheds On Line has features on metal bike lockers, including space saving vertical bike storage and secure roller shutter bike containers. There are purposefully designed metal storage units for gas cylinders and garden storage.

For more information on the features to look out for when buying secure metal garden storage, visit

Metal Sheds, Metal Storage Units & Metal Bike Lockers