Tips for the Resolution of Condensation in Metal Garden Sheds


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nss shedWhile traditional wooden sheds have always been the garden addition of choice, their metal counterparts have in recent years gained a significant number of fans. Their ability to provide a long lasting, secure, fire retardant, weather resistant, maintenance free storage solution, has proved extremely popular. There are several things people prefer about metal sheds including the absence of labour intensive issues like regular weatherproofing. High quality steel sheds have inbuilt features such as ventilation, to counter the main problem with all metal sheds, namely the threat of condensation. This can be caused by external factors, but can be avoided completely, by following a few procedures. The foundations of your shed need to be fully dry and if this is not the case, warm moist air will rise, hit the colder metal panels, condense and drip down the shed walls. This frustrating process becomes a cycle and once the pattern is established it is difficult to eradicate.

Where condensation in metal sheds is concerned, prevention is always preferable to cure, so these steps should be carried out before building the shed itself.

After making your concrete or slab base a few inches larger than your shed base rail:-

  • Position a damp-proof membrane at least two inches above ground level into the foundations.
  • Let your newly laid shed foundations cure for 3-7 days, the concrete needs to be completely dry before undertaking the next step.
  • Bolt your shed down to its base and apply a silicone or mastic sealant to the interior shed base rails. This is important and will allow trouble free drainage, and prevent water seepage into your shed.

Where your metal shed is already constructed and you are currently noticing signs of condensation, a tried and tested method is to:-

  • Remove your shed from its base and lay a wooden floor onto raised bearers. The wooden floor should be a few inches larger than the shed base.
  • Using wood screws secure the shed to the wooden floor, then use mastic seal around the inside base rails of the shed.
  • Regularly check that water is not pooling under the floor, as this will interfere with the ventilation process.

You could also try:-

  • Wiping down the underside of the roof panels with methylated spirits, this is best done on a warm, dry day.
  • Attach polystyrene tiles to the underside of the roof panels, using hot and cold resistant spray glue. Ensure the glue is suitable for adhering polystyrene to metal.
  • While this last move may not actually eliminate the presence of moisture in your metal shed, you should no longer be troubled with the subsequent condensation.

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