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Self Storage Units, Lockups, Workshops & Workspace for Rent at Coastal Business Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne

NSS blogAvailable space in the home or office is always an issue, and one which can leave you feeling a little frustrated. Most homes accumulate ‘things’ which are in the way or not required, yet we put up with them even if they are in the way or look out of place. This is often the case post Christmas or birthdays when you have received new or upgraded items, but have no idea what to do with the perfectly good, but redundant existing items. If you have replaced objects or furniture around your home while redesigning and redecorating, what do you do with the previous ones. You will probably also notice a build up of ornaments and other unnecessary dust collectors

If you look around each room chances are you will identify several superfluous pieces of clutter. If you read up on the effects of clutter and disorganisation in the home or office, you will learn that we are influenced in many ways by the state of our living and working environment.

You can choose to free up extra space by getting rid of ‘stuff’ and sorting and gathering together things that you dont or wont use, and removing them for the time being. Many people are reluctant to throw away things that they feel may come in useful at a later date or which have sentimental value. If you have nowhere to store these possessions, you could rent a storage unit, and we guarantee you will be amazed at how quickly you will fill it! Of course this is only one of the vast amount of reasons to rent a storage unit .

JM Property Services have an impressive range of self storage units, containers, lockups and workspaces for hire in a selection of locations around Newcastle Upon Tyne. Priced from only £15 per week, these storage solutions come in a large variety of sizes and specifications, and are perfect for storage of home and office furniture, appliances, documents, electric tools and a host of other items. We have now added a new development to our choice at Coast Business Park, Newcastle. This 60,000sq ft facility on a 3 acre site, caters to customers in coastal areas like Forest Hall, Tynemouth, Whitley Bay, Benton, Wallsend and North Shields.

As with our storage lockups, containers, workspaces and workshops in Killingworth and Blaydon, the new Coast Business Park facility is highly secure incorporating electric gates and CCTV. It is also ideally placed within easy access of the A19 and public transport.

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