Versatile, High Performance Dust Extraction Units, Tyne and Wear

Standard or Bespoke Dust Collection Units for a Range of Applications, Newcastle Upon Tyne


8 Cartridge ElectronicsThe need for dust extraction within environments where dust is created is undisputed. Airborne waste from wood, cement, chemicals and pharmaceutical processing is a recognised hazard to health and safety in factories, processing plants, welding shops, automotive plants, workshops and offshore environments, and must by law be dealt with effectively. This form of debris can also reduce the effectiveness and life of any machinery it comes into regular contact with. High levels of dust produced in this way, can be successfully tackled by the installation of Unimatic dust extraction units, manufactured by our web promotion partners Unicorn Sheet Metal Works, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Unimatic dust collection units are manufactured in Britain, and are designed to provide an efficient and high performance solution for each customer. Installation of these dust collection systems will result in clean breathable air within the workplace, whether its in Tyne and Wear or farther afield. They are available as standard specification units or as bespoke units for optimum customer choice. Incorporating fully bolted assembly, Unimatic units are able to fulfil numerous variations of specification and dimension. Installation is also a simple process due to this assembly feature.
A unique modular construction allows Unimatic dust extraction units to accommodate awkwardly shaped spaces, where this would not be possible in many cases.

An incredibly fast turn around time is offered with Unimatic custom units of 4 to 6 weeks in vivid contrast to the ‘up to 12 weeks’ quoted by most other manufacturers. These units are made in the factory at Wallsend, Newcastle Upon Tyne using British made components, and are suitable for a range of large or small applications. Unimatic also have a large selection of accessories including gauges, cartridges, filter bags and inserts. To find out more about these units call 0191 262 2882

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